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Artificial Intelligence.
Human Insights. Business Growth.

We unleash the power of AI to put actionable customer insights at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need them.

Add customers. Keep customers. Grow your business.
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We work with your existing data sets to create meaningful segments, insights and next best actions. Which means you make informed decisions that deliver results.

NTENDER delivers rapid and tangible value within weeks by prioritising quick wins and much greater agility in anticipating and responding to changing customer preferences and needs. 


Data Science as a service (DSaaS). No inhouse data science expertise required.


Pay only for what you need. Low set-up and maintenance cost


Navigate with ease, uncover insights naturally


Tailored just for your business


Powering up your customer experience

Revolutionize customer experiences by using AI to test your best instincts and understand your opportunities and risks. 

A new and deeper view of your customers

Know your customers better by building profiles and segments from multiple data sources. Enable smarter strategies built on real insights. Deliver tailored campaigns that hit the mark and increase sales.

Right message, right time, right channels.

We use AI to enable personally tailored messages relevant to your customers. Whether it’s an email subject heading, campaign, or newsletter, we can help you deliver relevant messages based on past interactions.

Happy customers who keep coming back

Don't hand your customers over to your competitors. Our smart AI helps you to predict customer defection and take action to prevent it. Retaining your customers is an essential foundation for growing your business.

Know when customers are switched on

Every customer takes a journey through your business, starting from the day of their first purchase. Our customer journey analytics and models empower you to take timely actions across their preferred channels to optimise your sales and their customer experience.

How much are your customers worth?

The lifetime value of every customer is a critical influence on the future value and potential of your business. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). We help you build lasting and profitable relationships.

Nudge, nudge!

Is the customer always right? Our advanced algorithms can help you to help them chart their path to the next correct purchase decision. Use our recommendation engine to interact dynamically with customers in real time. They'll love what you're doing!

How It Works

How It Works

Turn your data in to a winning
customer experience.

We will first map your customer transactions, communication touchpoints, and other relevant data sources into our NTENDER data model. Our AI experts will work with you to understand your business goals, evaluate the data, and create predictive models and custom dashboards that provide you with real-time, actionable insights.

Data security is our utmost priority. We do not require your personally identifiable information (PII) data to construct models. Initially, we can explore our solutions using sample data to determine their suitability for your needs.

Our Solutions

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Our base solution helps you to understand past customer behavior and discover growth opportunities

  • Know your customer KPIs

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Customer Journey Analyzer

  • Association Miner


Added on top of NSIGHT to provide predictive customer behaviour

  • Churn Modelling

  • Customer  Lifetime Value 

  • Recommendation Engine

  • Demand Forecast

  • Text Mining


Our vision is to make smarter, actionable customer insights accessible and affordable for every organisation. 

We exist to reveal opportunities and unleash the potential of every business. by harnessing the power of AI to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

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