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We are problem solvers who know the art and science of turning raw data into actionable insights to create value for clients.

Between us we’ve got a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and over 30 years work in the corporate sector at the cutting edge of AI, data science and human centered design. That means we’ve also got the inside track on how AI is reshaping the data landscape. 

Here’s the good news. Customer insights and advanced analytics that once required a dedicated team and a seven-figure budget can now be automated, templated, and delivered on-demand. And all for a fraction of the costs.

Welcome to NTENDER. A start-up that finds opportunities in your data. 

We use scalable, AI driven technology to help you better understand your customers and make informed decisions.

Which means you can:

  • Create meaningful segments

  • Understand predictive customer behavior

  • Increase conversion

  • Grow your business

NTENDER, it’s code for growth. 

Our Values


In the world of AI, we stay human-centered. We're genuine, welcoming, and kind. We openly share our experiences, failures, and knowledge because, in the end, it's the human touch that matters.


We do what we say. We're all about delivering top-notch quality in everything we commit to. Our word is solid, and we turn promises into results.


We're naturally curious and creative. Always looking for new opportunities and better ways to do things. Challenges excite us, and we're constantly getting better.


We treat our team like family, working together with respect, trust and integrity. Teamwork is our strength, and everyone's contribution matters.

Let’s Work Together

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